Yoga Therapy

with Zeb Lancaster. Ph.D.

         I approach Yoga Therapy by addressing the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of our being. All three serve to give us access to our wholeness-of-being. In theory and practice I draw upon yoga’s primary spiritual paths: Gyana yoga (mind), Bhakti yoga (emotion), Karma yoga (right action), Hatha yoga (physical self-regulation) including Tantra yoga, and the classical yoga philosophy/practice of Ashtanga yoga. I offer an intelligent synthesis of therapeutic exercises and modifications that reflect my personal philosophy concerning healing.  

         I draw upon my four years of practice and certification in the Western yogi Richard Freeman’s approach to Yoga Therapy; experience as founder of the Denver Ashtanga Yoga Center; my private practice as a therapeutic Counselor, and my informed, practical understanding of embodied spiritual awakening. As an experienced Somatic Counselor, Couples therapist and Tantra yoga educator, I am particularly interested in how our spiritual tools can get applied directly to our biggest challenges in life. Yoga therapy can be applied in one or more of three ways:

  1. The use of Yoga to gain a skill, ability, or power (the application of shakti-krama).

  2. The use of Yoga to heal specific problems, such as eliminating impurities in the organs (doshas) or energy centers (cakras) and channels (nâdîs) of the body (the application of chikitsâ-krama).

  3. The use of Yoga to uncover and awaken the nondual dimension of your being (the application of âdhyâtmika-krama).


        I draw upon all three approaches to Yoga Therapy. I often work with a diverse array of unresolved relationship injuries, ie trauma, that we all have. The symptoms naturally arise in subtle ways and we explore holistic methods to regain ownership of your body and become comfortable in your own skin. Studies show that yoga is at least as beneficial or more beneficial than the best possible medications in alleviating habits of mind and body including traumatic stress symptoms.


Physically, I help you integrate your structure and how you move in the field of gravity. I help you free your body from its long held restricting patterns. I attend to posture and alignment of the body with my thirty years of experience as a Structural Integration therapist and Rolfer.

Emotionally, I help you apply yoga principles and practices to as a means manage and resolve your most profound conflicts. This includes tailored yoga exercises to balance your energy system, conscious breathing, sacred sound mantra, asana postures, bhandas, chakra awakening, meditation practices, and ritual to meet the needs of the individual.

Mentally, uncover states of consciousness that give you a broader perspective. I give you simple effective ways to know how to relate to your thoughts and beliefs so that they support you rather than sabotage you.