Therapeutic Opportunities at Chakra Garden of Ashland
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Tantra Yoga with Dr Zeb & Candace

Embodied Awakening & Attunement for Everyone

Discover how to fully inhabit your body, wake up your own aliveness, & experience connection with another from this awakened dimension of being. Explore simple, meaningful, Tantra practices like conscious breathing, embodiment & mutual attunement. Learn to guide your life-energy, uncover your most subtle ground of being, and enliven relationship.

For Couples and Singles

Therapeutic Bodywork with Dr Zeb
Hands On Healing for Everyone (OBMT#11259)
Massage. Experienced hands offer informed, wise, gentle, meaningful touch. Therapeutic relaxation and muscle tension relief provided via broad strokes and soft tissue depth work.
Rolfing Structural Integration. Skilled, specific work directly on your connective tissue (facia) reorganizes your body's structure & function. Move with more ease & grace. 
Combination session available
Somatic Counseling/Couples Therapy
with Dr Zeb Lancaster for Everyone

Somatic Counseling is a form of body-centered therapy. In this work, you will explore mind-body-spirit interface, the interaction of your body with your thoughts, emotions, actions, plus the ground of being. You'll begin to heal outdated habits, old & new traumas, and to uncover personal truth. 

Couples Therapy. As couples face difficult challenges intimacy is not always easy keep alive, breaches of trust can grow. This approach to healing is experiential. When  building communication & fostering connections, bridging differences is more than a concept. Experience solutions That are real. 

Realization Process with Candace
Embodied Nonduality for Everyone
Fundamental Consciousness. Inhabiting the internal space of our body, we uncover the experience of a very subtle, unmodified interior dimension that feels like our own being. As we settle into this ground it reveals itself as spaciousness pervading our own form and our surroundings as one wholeness: Embodied Nonduality/fundamental consciousness.
Realization Process is a method to directly experience this nondual/spiritual awakening. It's also a meditation practice to deepen and stabilize our experience of this fundamental nondual dimension of our wholeness.
YogaTherapy & Meditation 
with Dr Zeb for Everyone

Yoga Therapy. Intelligent synthesis of yoga's primary spiritual paths. Session orientation is to wholeness of being using therapeutic exercises and yoga modifications that address the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of our being. 

Embodiment Meditations. Private sessions in-person and online include therapy. Plus, twice monthly Realization Process group meets on Tuesdays at 6pm. Everyone welcome. 

Energy Tune-Ups/Chakra Embodiment
with Candace Cave for Everyone
Awaken! Include your whole body plus an awakened core and deepen your current mediation experience. The subtle vertical core (Central Channel/Sushumna) supports the primary chakra centers and provides direct access to our embodied wholeness, including the unchanging spaciousness of fundamental consciousness. The subtle core supports both our deepest contact with ourselves and also our transcendence, our oneness, with everything around us. Settle deeper into your wholeness and ground of being as you explore finesse and refined activation of your energy centers.
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