Chakra Garden of Ashland is a Private Retreat and Garden Sanctuary located in the artistic and health-oriented small-village-community of Ashland, Oregon. Our interest is to create a sanctuary for personal space. We present each of our cottages, and all of our garden, as an evolving environment intended to support your inner and outer experience. We invite guests who stay in our cottages to enjoy convivial relaxation in our gardens, breathe their own rhythm, and feel life-energy flow. Rest, rejuvenate, enjoy. Explore our charming town, and your own inner landscape. 

Our vintage house contributes to the antique character of our neighborhood, Historic Skidmore Academy District. The first deed places the building on the lot in 1884 made to Mr. Payne; in 1907 Mr Penter added the 2nd story, the front porch and a carrage house (our "Temple House" cottage). Our home was built in the “vernacular” style (use of local materials, no formal planning). We have continued our development of the property, the cottages and the gardens, with the same down-to-earth attitude. 

Chakra Garden of Ashland is an attractive corner property with a vintage 2-story house less than 1/2 a mile north of Downtown Plaza, the Heart of Ashland and gateway to Oregon Shakespeare Festival & Lithia Park. The secluded interior of the large lot is framed by several small cottages and out-buildings, allowing guests to experience a unique natural environment while “downtown.” Our three private guest cottages (Lhasa House, Temple House, Arbor Studio) are modern and well-appointed, the interiors created from vintage “shells” in 2011-2013 with thoughtful attention to detail and budget.

The grounds at Chakra Garden of Ashland are planted with wildflowers, perennial and medicinal plants, heirloom & edible flowers. There are shrubs, trees, and paths located to define many private areas, each intended to provide guests with a different sensory experience. In the area of third chakra, you’ll find a fire pit and a cut-flower bed. In the area we called 2nd chakra, there’s a hot tub and a quiet bench where you can watch the Aspen grove in the wind. In 6th chakra there’s a shady hammock. Click here to explore a sample walk through the gardens. ..

Chakra Garden of Ashland represents our personal dreams about a sanctuary with a garden where people might stay and experience the qualities of their essential being. Soon after we moved-in, Christmas 2010, we began to shape the Chakra gardens, forming terraces, berms, and pathways, re-making what once was gently sloping land covered in Bermuda grass. For privacy, we planted a bamboo barrier along the alley, built deer-proof fencing, and planted the south forest. The current array of colors represents feral as well as cultivated plants. The environment is earthy and wild, gentle and supportive, and an ongoing adventure in experimentation.

We invite you to deeply rest in our charming guest cottages. Discover the inner quality of your body, mind, and spirit.  Express your personal space. Enjoy unique ambiance and experience. Uncover your essential nature at Chakra Garden of Ashland. Love your body and your Self.