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Spiritual Truth in Chakra Embodiment

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

by Dr. Zeb Lancaster & Candace Cave

Temple House at Chakra Garden of Ashland

The seven primary chakras are subtle body reflections of your spiritual embodiment. Each chakra supports you to reveal and awaken aspects your pre-existent subtle-self: the unchanging, unmodified dimension of your being.

The chakras are pulsating wheels of subtle life-energy. Each chakra expresses essential qualities/aspects of your subtle-self. Because the subtle-self is a unity, these essential qualities of being are experienced as a part of the whole.

The chakras can be experienced as feeling tones in your body. Each feeling tone has a spiritual truth that helps uncover, awaken and heal (ground) the essential qualities of your subtle-self as expressed through embodiment of your chakras.

Spiritual truths expressed through the chakras either awaken or go dormant due to the nature of your earliest relationships in life. Past experiences of what it meant to be loved are unconsciously held in each of the chakras, as well as the tissues in your body, often as a series of impressions and emotions bubbling below the threshold of awareness.

The body-mind blueprints of past experiences help determine your quality of life. Your attitudes in relationship, your beliefs, your resentments and how you love are all a reflection of your body-mind blueprint in each chakra center.

The spiritual truths that reflect the qualities of your subtle-self are like magnetic resource codes that are dormant in each chakra until awakened within the body-mind. When you awaken each spiritual truth as a full body experience, you actually feel the spiritual essence of your whole being alive in the present moment.


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