Private Healing Retreat Sanctuary

“To really inquire, to open…

and discover the truth of who you are, you need to retreat. It is essential…” Gangaji


     Breathe deep and relax. Settle into a deeper sense of yourself at Chakra Garden of Ashland. Find your inner truth.

     There is something very sacred when we commune with ourselves. It enables us to hear and feel more clearly our true heart’s desire and our soul’s yearnings.

     In today’s busy world, sometimes just stopping and relaxing, going for a walk or getting a massage, can be a profound and necessary medicine. But when we are feeling psychological stress or anxiety, when life seems chaotic or without meaning, dedicated time alone, a personal retreat, is a powerful component for gaining clarity, inspiring inner transformation and healing. 


     A personal retreat, dedicated alone time, brings the focus of your attention inward. This is bound to bring your awareness into a deeper source of your being.         

     A personal retreat gives you time to harmonize and balance all aspects and qualities of your essential nature, supporting your wholeness-of-being. It inherently strengthens relationship with your body, mind, and spirit.

     A personal retreat is a time to cultivate what helps you to feel more alive. And a time to soften and release what holds you back from embracing the full glory of your potential as a human being.

     A personal retreat can be a focused or unfocused setting, free of ordinary distraction and filled with unstructured time for reflection and intention. It inherently  supports internal clarity around personal, psychological, spiritual or creative goals.

     A personal retreat supports you to intimately examine your inner landscape. It’s an opportunity to come face-to-face with habitual patterns of behavior. A guided retreat teaches meditation and embodiment practices to unwind and replace old-ways-of-being.

     Personal retreats at Chakra Garden allow you to enjoy the best of our artistic community of Ashland, the amazing eco-environment of the spectacular Rogue River Valley, and still find a place to deepen into your interior environment. Guided meditations and other therapeutic experiences await you.

     Design your own retreat by choosing from our Therapeutic Menu of Services, or engage one or both of us to shape an embodiment healing journey specifically for your unique needs.