Welcome to Our Healing Sanctuary


       The therapeutic philosophy at Chakra Garden of Ashland is a unique blend of Western Somatic Psychology plus Eastern Yoga and nondual contemplative practices. We present a combination of modern and ancient psychological, physiological, and spiritual body-mind principles and practices.

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       Western psychology provides an understanding of our sense of self and inter-personal relationship skills. Somatic psychology brings together the intelligence of the mind and the wisdom of the body. Eastern yoga tradition advocates two ultimate realities: matter/life-energy (prakriti), and non dual subtle-self/fundamental consciousness (purusha). The body is a conduit for life-energy (prakriti) and the vehicle through which the subtle-self, or fundamental consciousness (purusha), can know itself. Yoga & embodied nonduality practices awaken the subtlest levels of being, and strengthening the body’s ability to support our transformation into wholeness.

       The chakras are a road map into our own self-awareness and spiritual/emotional healing. They give us clues on our journey to deepen awareness of both "prakriti" and "purusha" the subtlest qualities of our being. It is our belief that to manifest our fullest potential, it is crucial that we attend to this most subtle level as a non-dual embodied experience. 

       The whole-person gestalt of Somatic Psychology plus Yoga and non-dual contemplative practices comes to play in the garden environment and the dynamic therapeutic work at Chakra Garden of Ashland.



At the heart of Chakra Garden of Ashland is the therapeutic work of your hosts, Dr. Zeb Lancaster PhD, and Candace Cave. We serve our community and our guests with private session, classes, & groups.

      The environment at Chakra Garden intends to support anyone who wants to enjoy Ashland's unique gifts, including people on a quest for meaning and spiritual awakening.

The therapeutic work of Zeb Lancaster PhD Candace Cave is available to everyone, including our guests at Chakra Garden and our students online. There’s possibility for profound transformation by diving deeply into an embodied awakening experience with one or both of us. We promise a rich array of wisdoms from which you might choose. 

Zeb Lancaster PhD & Candace Cave (Dakini Candance) are your hosts at Chakra Garden of Ashland. Inspired by principles & practices of Yoga since the 1970s, we're united by a curiosity about life-energy (prakriti) and the essential self (purusha). We seek embodied nondual awakening: a desire to unravel old patterns that prevent realization of the most authentic quality of self*. Our approach is unique, intelligent, and easily accessible. 

Dr. Zeb is a counselor, massage therapist (OBMT#11259), and author. With a PhD in somatic psychology, he’s enjoyed more than 30-years experience as a somatic counselor and couple's therapist. Also an experienced Rolfer® and yoga teacher, Dr. Zeb has been practicing bodywork and Structural Integration since 1980. His depth and understanding of the dynamic interface between Mind, Body, Spirit & life-energy, plus his abilities to listen, attune, understand, and guide all levels of the therapeutic process, make his sessions a unique & profound environment, ripe for deep and meaningful healing. 541-292-9876

Dakini Candance (Candace Cave) is a warm and intelligent embodiment guide practicing Wise Woman Ways. A senior Realization Process® teacher, she is a wildcrafting herbalist and tantric yogini. Her deeply nurturing whole body Energy Tune-ups are designed to awaken your body/mind/spirit towards wholeness-of-being. 541-324-6021