Candace Cave is co-host of Chakra Garden of Ashland.

Guests communicate with Candace online & before arrival, and frequently find her in the garden with the plants. Candace is also a spiritual embodiment teacher. She’s warm & friendly, adventurous, fun & wise. Learn more about Candace here:

About Energy Tune-ups

Since 1971, I’ve sought consciously to awaken the most subtle dimensions of my being as ongoing embodied experience, always while pursuing an actively interesting, adventurous, healing-oriented lifestyle. I began sharing, in Sacramento in 1987, my body/mind explorations on that journey, because an unexpected vision (while in a Human Capacities program with Jean Houston & Robert EL Masters) brought me an unfolding picture of my life if I created “Energy Tune-ups.”


My primary method of interpreting the world is via kinesthetic experience. That means that I feel everything in my body, I don't see things in my mind or in my imagination. To have a clear vision, as if watching a video, demanded that I pay attention and answer the call. I continue to dance that path more than 30 years later…


Energy Tune-ups took me, and the bodywork colleagues that I trained through the 1990s, into businesses and professional offices. We provided seated massage (head, neck, shoulder, back & arm/hands), plus self-health training. Our clients learned to manage their work-day stressors with Yogic breathing and stretching techniques, Buddhist meditation practices, contemplative reflection from an interior perspective (inhabiting the body), and self-massage.


I am not an “energy healer” in the sense that I won’t stimulate or manipulate energy during our time together. We will be working more subtly, from the ground of being, so that your life energy will find its own way to harmony and balance.


I guide you to uncover a full body experience of universal ground, that unchanging, unmodified dimension of your most subtle self. From this deep, settled, unified stillness, you can learn to wake up your core and its energy centers, your chakras. Practice will help you gradually open to the truths of your own unique life energy and an unwavering experience of clarity in each present moment.


My intention with Energy Tune-ups has always been to help people heal themselves via embodiment, the simple act of inhabiting the body, awakening to our subtle interior experience, the core of our being. I might use breath, movement, words, touch and more to help you play and learn from your life-energy. But first, I’ll guide you to uncover and deepen your experience of the ground-of-being (fundamental consciousness), and to wake up your subtle core. Wholeness brings clarity. From embodied still spaciousness, truth arises.  Contact me: