Zeb Lancaster PhD is co-host of Chakra Garden of Ashland.

Zeb supports the needs of guests during their stay. Onsite host, his home/office is CGA's Main House and he sees to all comforts. Dr Zeb is an author, somatic counselor, couples therapist, Rolfer, and Yogi. He's gentle, friendly, attentive, intelligent, warm and thoughtful. 

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Body-Mind-Spirit Counseling with Dr Zeb

     Talk alone creates a path that is based on idealisms that can over-manage, ignore, suppress, or fail to support more adaptive body-mind responses to overcoming your attachments and outdated habits of mind and body or traumatic attachment injuries. Most of our emotional blueprint (mindset and bodyset) was initially established with our childhood bonding and attachment experiences. The experiences that shaped our emotional blueprint are preverbal and most often not available for reflection or revision. To access this level of our being we must include an experiential, body centered approach to health and awakening. When we are not present in our body we are out of touch with what is really happening. 


      As a Somatic Therapist, I explore the mind/body interface, the relationship between our physical matter and our energy, the interaction of our body structures with our thoughts and actions. Through sound, touch, mirroring, movement , states of consciousness, and breath you access your deepest understanding (implicit knowing) of the solutions to the psychological, social, cultural and political forces that sabotage authentic expression of our true selves and of  the splitting and fragmentation of the mind-body unity. 

       As a Spiritual Counselor I bring this unity of mind and body to ultimate expression with simple spiritual embodiment practices. While Western psychology offers us tremendous understanding of how injury happens and how to develop our "sense of self," it fails to penetrate the deeper solutions to what blocks our access to wholeness of being. Psychology is founded upon “duality” based principles that involve the relationship between the cause and effect of what we perceive and how we respond. Asian spiritual traditions are grounded upon “nondual” principles that are not relationally derived.


      Psychology’s solutions all involve the understanding that our “sense of self” is a constantly changing dynamic that results from our thoughts, emotions, and sensations concerning how we were related to as a child. Asian spiritual traditions offer solutions that are based upon our “subtle-self” (jivatman) which is an unchanging, universal dimension of our being. The subtle-self is a pre-existent state of being and the sense of self is a learned response. Therefore, while we uncover and awaken our subtle-self since it is already there, we cultivate and develop our sense of self as we negotiate our relational life.


      I offer both approaches to relational health and spiritual awakening. By having access to not only your relationally influenced “sense of self” but also the spiritual dimension of your “subtle-self,” you can greatly enhance your ability to overcome your deepest obstacles, uncover enjoyment in being, intimacy in relationship, and awaken a spiritual life.  Learn more about me and my work: XXXXX