Somatic Grounding

In yoga an important way we self-regulate and balance our life-energy so we can uncover and awaken nondual awareness is by creating and energetic seal (bhanda). By intentionally contracting certain diaphragms of the body we open the channel of energy that flows into the body (prana) as well as the channel of energy that flows out of the body (apana ). When both of these energies flow freely without obstruction from our habits of mind and body, subtle life-energy (kundalini ) rises up the central channel (sushmana) awakening each of our seven primary chakra centers. While learning how to do to engage the diaphragms so as to create a seal is not the focus here, some understanding and awareness of the diaphragms involved is valuable in facilitating our embodiment and awakening the subtle self. The psychological value of discovering and inhabiting the transverse diaphragms of our body has been overlooked.

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Rolfing & Massage

I have a gentle approach to Rolfing® Structural Integration, a process of physical manipulation and movement education. It is a system designed to reorganize the body and enhance its patterns of shape and movement into a more graceful and efficient relationship with gravity. Rolfing balances the entire body and increases freedom and ease of movement. It resolves chronic problems and improves function by releasing and realigning the body’s major segments (legs, torso, shoulders, arms, head) which have succumbed to lifelong patterns of tension and holding.

     To align the body segments Rolfing systematically organizes the body's soft connective tissue network. This connective tissue network, also known as the myofascial system, is "the organ of structure" in the body. It supports the skeleton and soft tissues, positions the bones, determines the direction of muscle pulls and of movement, and gives the body its shape. Rolfing restores mobility and fluidity to the connective tissues. Once better alignment is achieved, gravity helps to give us a lift instead of pulling us more out of balance.


Yoga Therapies

We have both practiced and studied Yoga for more than 40 years. Dr. Zeb is a trained and experience Yoga Teacher who incorporates principles from many disciplines a therapeutic whole body/mind/heart experience. More than asana (postures) or pranayama (breath).