of the Subtle-Self

Our Sanctuary gardens are designed to honor the Chakras,

subtle qualities of energy that express the ground of being. Our therapeutic work seeks to awaken

all the qualities of the subtle-self to support grounded wholeness-of-being.


At Chakra Garden of Ashland, our work and our environment are oriented towards personal growth, awakening the essential qualities of the subtle-self, and the experience of wholeness-of-being. These qualities, the ground of our being, come to their most clear expression through our body via subtle energy centers, the chakras.



Your hosts at Chakra Garden of Ashland, Zeb Lancaster and Candace Cave, are both spiritual embodiment teachers, each with more than 35 years of experience and study. We use a variety of different techniques and practices to help you awaken, balance, and integrate your chakras and embody your wholeness of being. Some of the therapeutic tools we use include embodiment experiences, guided meditation, somatic and spiritual counseling, conscious breathing and other simple yet powerful yoga practices, mindfulness, and therapeutic bodywork. 

 hakras are situated within the subtle core of the body, (called central channel in Buddhism and Sushumna in Hindu Yoga). When consciously awakened, the chakras become direct access portals to spiritual experience.


The chakras are different expressions of the qualities of the most subtle dimension of our wholeness of being. When we are fragmented from our wholeness, some of the chakras are very strongly expressed while others may be dormant. Most people are in some way fragmented from their wholeness of being.


Awakening the chakras is relatively easy. Balancing and integrating the qualities of the chakras into our embodied wholeness-of-being is what brings on-going spirituality into our life and experience. This takes practice and guidance.