Realization Process Healing Ground

Realization Process is a direct awakening experience of embodied nonduality. It is also a practice for stabilizing our attunement to fundamental consciousness, the extremely subtle, unchanging, pervasive, ground of being. 

As we increasingly settle into this experience, we uncover holding patterns of injury and internal tension that limit our experience of this fine unified field. Realization Process Healing Ground work helps us identify, unwind, and disentangle these patterns of body, heart, and mind. More than talk therapy, healing ground work reveals and helps us heal the movement into constriction. When we change our habitual patterns of response, it frees us to live as whole beings, free of the restrictive and limiting responses that keep us struggling. 

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Couples Therapy

      Working with emotional experience in a “top-down,” mind informs body manner based on talking can be a helpful in some ways, yet for profound full resolution of chronic emotional injuries or conflicts in relationship it simply is not enough. An approach to healing your habits of conflict in relationship where the body informs mind (bottom-up), addresses our most profound injuries experientially. Neuroscience now confirms this is the best approach for overcoming our most difficult chronic challenges. This promotes change in your thoughts and beliefs, your emotions, and gives you the capacity to develop a healthy, satisfying relationship.

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Embodied Boundaries

     Embodied Boundaries direct you to detect subtle features of perception that inform you about your sense of Self. You discover what is truly enlivening, important, and meaningful for you. You’ll be encouraged to build self-recognition based upon the sensory experience of your fundamental sense of Self.

      Embodied Boundaries teach you to fill yourself up from the inside with the kinds of support you have always wanted but never recieved enough of because of others limitations. You learn to manage unwanted emotional impulses and non-serving patterns of behavior. You cultivate essential skills necessary to modulate powerful emotions, even those that come up in your life now but are based on childhood injuries around contact. 

      Embodied Boundaries help teach you to notice the moment-to-moment experiences of separation and inundation. As you become familiar with the dynamics of these discrete body sensations, you will also practice guiding the sensations and impulses in supportive ways.

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