Ashland is for Lovers

Fall in Love over & over again.

Wake up Inner Aliveness.

Explore new perspectives on too-familiar Love.

Uncover sensations of connection & sensuality.

Transmit & Receive Sensations of Love & Mutual Pleasure.


White Tantra

 Embodied Awakening and Attunement for Everyone.

Learn how to fully inhabit your body, wake up your own awareness, & experience connection with another from this embodied dimension of being. Explore simple, awakening Tantra practices like conscious breathing, embodiment & mutual attunement, to guide your life-energy & uncover your subtle dimension. Available for singles with either or both as guides. Available for couples with Dr. Zeb and Candance together.  $100-$150/hr. 2 hour minimum.  

Pink Tantra

Embodied Sensuality and Mutual Attunement for Couples

From the awakened, embodied perspective uncovered with While Tantra practices, explore many dimensions of mutual & sensual attunement with your beloved. We'll guide you in a variety of skills to enhance your energetic explorations of loving and help stimulate meaningful sensations of pleasure during connection. We'll also suggest “homeplay,” intimacy practices for experimentation in your private love nest. For couples only, with Dr. Zeb & Candance together. 

White Tantra experience required. $200/hr. 3 hours minimum.  Available as a Puja for Two.

Tantra Puja for Two

Sacred communion White Tantra experience for two beloveds.

Our healing sanctuary is a welcoming atmosphere of gentle lights and subtle aromas that supports your journey of harmony. In a sacred space, a temple you make with your beloved, we'll guide you to nourish your relationship by uncovering your unity at the most subtle level of your being. We'll help you explore tasteful, interesting, arousing and possibly meaningful experiences of harmony, sacred attunement, and the energies of love. No experience necessary.  $200/hr. 2.5 hours minimum.




Tantra Love Package

In the morning, learn embodiment basics and moisten your arousal with White Tantra. On your own for a leisurely lunch and quiet time to assimilate in your room.  Join us in the late afternoon for a Couples Pink Tantra Journey. Tantra Love Package includes a bottle of local wine, dark chocolate, and a bouquet of flowers for your next day homeplay. Also enjoy 10% of two nights lodging if you stay in one of our cottages at Chakra Garden of Ashland. For couples only, with Dr. Zeb & Candance together. $200/hr. 4.5 hours minimum


Optional Extras


Somatic Counseling 

Therapeutic Bodywork / Rolfing® / Postural Integration

Meditation and Embodiment Guidance

Intimacy Therapy and Coaching

Energy Tune-ups/Chakra Awakening

Tantra Yoga Education (Principles & Practices)

Core Communication



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